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Serious Games Facilitating Language Learning And Cultural Development

PRESS RELEASE BY CASPIAN LEARNING - Dated: Aug 20, 2010  Simulation Tool Makes Light Work of "Serious Games" in Malaysia

3d Simulation Software and "Serious Games" Authoring Tool, Thinking Worlds, plays its part in facilitating language learning and cultural development in 2 day workshop in Malaysia delivered by the Serious Games Institute.

On July 14th/15th, David Wortley, Director of the Serious Games Institute, based in the Coventry Innovation Village, ran a 2 day workshop on "Serious Games" for Education Development in Penang, Malaysia. The workshop used Caspian Learning’s Thinking Worlds as its core technology application of choice and the aim of the two day workshop was to show the possibilities that exist for immersive learning simulations or Serious Games to aid the learning and development of language courses.

During the first day of the workshop, the class of delegates were tasked with completing a short tutorial course that taught them how to create simulations with Thinking Worlds. During the second day, the delegates were pitted against each other in small teams to compete with one another to see who could build the ‘best learning game.’

The workshop emphasizes a growing worldwide appetite for the application of serious games for learning and development and Lee Rushworth, Marketing Executive for Caspian Learning said “we are delighted to see Thinking Worlds being used for Serious Games development in countries as far away from our base as Malaysia, Thailand and Australia.” He went on to say, “this only serves to highlight how serious games and game based learning are gaining real support and momentum on a global scale and we’re absolutely delighted to be part of that.”

The Serious Games Institute is a global thought leader in smart spaces. They enable and facilitate the growth of Serious Games, virtual worlds and connected industry specialists by supporting research and development into the use and effects of these products, platforms and technologies.

About Caspian Learning

Caspian Learning are an Award-Winning Serious Games Development company and their globally unique 3d authoring tool and game engine, Thinking Worlds, enables the rapid development of immersive learning simulations and serious games for performance and training.