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SGI Newest Serious Game Wins Best Learning Game Award

Serious Games Interactive newest educational game Playing History has just won the 1st European Best Learning Game competition in the category Best Professional Game with a Budget over 40.000 Euros.

While in their Global Conflicts game series SGI wanted to give the players an authentic experience and made the product closer to a simulation than to an actual game, in their new game series Playing History, their main focus is to allow the players to learn through exploratory discovery, and the adventure-game elements are therefore very strong.

The Playing History game series places you in historically significant and interesting time periods, where you will get the chance to meet major historical personalities and experience history in the making.

The game series is expected to be launched later this year:

• Episode I: "The Plague" (Autumn 2010)
• Episode II: "The Slave Trade" (Winter 2010)

Playing History: The Plague is the first episode in the game series that focus on The Plague pandemic known as “The Black Death”. Intended for 8-13 year olds, through various challenges and fun mini-games players shall learn facts about the plague and 14th century Europe.

Mental Maps

The Playing History series supports knowledge and understanding of:

• People, events and societies of significance in the past
• The distinctive features of life in the past and why certain societies, people and events are regarded as significant.
• The diversity of people in the past, their knowledge, class difference, traditions, values and morals.

Students have the opportunity to place their historical studies within a context and an overall chronological framework so that they progressively develop a mental map of the past.

The Playing History web portal includes several features that make it possible for students and teachers to interact with each other in an online community. Teachers are able to monitor students’ playtime and activities, as well as see the end results.