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GameCareerGuide New Post: A Look At Serious Games

Game Career Guide has just posted Liam Morrow's 3-page must read piece: A Look At "Serious Games".

The article's opening statement "Video games will change the way we learn", gives us a taste of its across the board assertiveness.

Here are a few highlights:

"Video games will change the way we learn and learning from video games occurs in a variety of ways:

Video games develop a wide range of skills vital to other areas of learning including multitasking and analytical thinking. This occurs especially in open-ended games such as SimCity where in order to succeed players must manage several channels of information while assessing past mistakes simultaneously."

"When we play games we inhabit the lives of characters in completely different social groups and therefore experience ideologies and values different to our own. By experiencing new cultures, games teach us to understand the world from new perspectives."

"Video games also teach and encourage us to be creative and imaginative. They do this through end-user development techniques such as modding which allows the player to explore the game outside its original boundaries."

"As the games industry learns to accept the teaching potential of games we will see developers supplement more educational content in their creations resulting in games becoming a recognized and respected learning tool."

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