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Surfing PlayGen Website Is A Serious Game

Via: PlayGen

PlayGen Website improves audience engagement by “scoring” your visits. Each time you visit a new page, that page's achievement score is added to yours.

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On the page “Explore” there is a myriad of games/game demos you can play for free segmented by Sector, Subject and Game Title, which includes Anti Money Laundering, Choices and Voices, Climate Health Impact, Data Security, FloodManager, FloodSim, Media Wars, NanoMission, Open Source VW, Scrutiny, Serious Policy, Sexual Health, SG2: Afterlife, SG2: Battle Awareness, SG2: Cook 'Em Up, SG2: Coronary Bypass, SG2: Interview Sim, SG2: Introduction, SG2: The London Crisis, Time Commanders.

What is SG2?

The Serious Games Squared series is designed to answer the question “What are Serious Games?” PlayGen has developed a series of innovative scenarios to introduce and entice people into the world of Serious Games whilst having fun. Each 2-3 minute simulation demonstrates why Serious Games are used, how they can bring new light to a subject and what the benefits can be.

The mini games draw on real-life scenarios across 6 sectors:

Development of Serious Games: Cook'em Up - Explains how to make Serious Games and what makes them a success.

Emergency services: The London Crisis – Demonstrates how games can be used to improve reactions in an emergency.

Education Sector: Afterlife - Vividly shows how Serious Games can bring a subject to life for students.

Defence/Military Sector: Battlefield Awareness - A simulation that test responses in a high risk situation and enables players to learn from mistakes.

Health Sector: Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery - Breaking a complex procedure down step by step to reduce risk in the real world.

Corporate Sector: Interview Sim - This simulation shows how practice can make perfect when it comes to making good business decisions.

Have a taste of it:

SG2: Coronary Bypass

CABG trainer is part of the SG2 series. Built to teach medical students the series of important steps to coronary artery bypass surgery.

Breaking a complex procedure down step by step to reduce risk in the real world

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery is one of the ‘Serious Games Squared’ series – designed to demonstrate the benefits of Serious Games across different sectors.

Surgeons need to take extreme caution when operating on the heart, as it is a matter of life or death. This simulator puts you in the shoes of a young surgeon called in to perform coronary artery bypass surgery on a middle age male. You will be taught each step as you progress through the operation. However, one wrong choice could be fatal.

In the game, you are a young surgeon who has been called in for an emergency heart bypass surgery. The patient, a middle aged man, urgently needs a coronary artery bypass procedure or he will die.

Your score will reflect how well you followed the surgical procedures and how successful the operation was.