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Serious Games Showcase and Design Workshop

Image from Alcohol Safety

Via: PlayGen - Serious Games Showcase and Design Workshop - Wednesday 12th May 2010

This is a great opportunity to experience the wide variety of sectors where "Serious Games" have been used to great effect, it’s a must for anyone who is considering using "Serious Games" and computer based training for their business or academic institute.

By attending the day you will get a fully rounded experience on the use of games and simulations across a whole range of sectors, focusing on real examples with real impact.

On 12th May (next Wednesday) looking at a whole raft of digital  interactive case studies, blending gaming with serious issues, from health to policy to games made for changing behaviour to safety and much more. Rounding off with a hands on session  designing a Serious Game or two collectively.

The Game Topics includes : *Preventing Violent Extremism *Reducing Knife Crime *Affecting Drinking and Driving Behaviour *Reducing teenage pregnancy *Reducing remission in cancer patients *Training for Coronary Artery Bypass *Learning about Nanomedicine in curing cancer *Triage training *UK Flood Policy - raising public awareness *Public policy engagement using games *Games to help voters understand running for office *Controlling the country's budget *Dealing with human rights and immigration *Oil, war, corruption and the control of finite resources *Battlefield Situational Awareness *Location Awareness *Open Source Virtual World for Defence.

Serious Games Institute enable and facilitate the growth of serious games, virtual worlds and connected industry specialists by supporting research and development into the use and effects of these products, platforms and technologies.

PlayGen develop immersive simulations, serious games and virtual worlds for learning, training, assessment, to inspire, to engage, to measure and to change behaviour.