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M. Andersen and Serious Games: How To Hack Higher Education


Maria H. Andersen has posted on Prezi a superb presentation on Playing To Learn Math that speaks for itself.

Maria H Andersen In Her Own Words

Officially, I teach mathematics at Muskegon Community College (Algebra through Calculus). I also have a consulting business, Andersen Algebra Consulting, through which I conduct professional training for faculty, author textbook materials, and consult for software and Internet companies in the industry. I am on the tail-end of a Ph.D. in Higher Education Leadership (ABD), researching math instructors' knowledge of, attitudes towards, and practice of specific instructional techniques.

For the last few years, I've been really interested in technology and math, education and technology, and the future of higher education, and that has manifested itself in a blog/website

In my ideal job I would get to teach (but not have to teach too many classes), have time to do a lot of writing and thinking about how to "hack" higher education, have the budget to play with lots of cool technology and attend any conference of my choosing, the time to do research about teaching & learning, and to have the freedom to explore what needs to be explored at the moment. Dream on!

Specialties: Professional development for math and science faculty (particularly related to technology), speaker on topics of technology and higher ed, expertise in practical technology for higher education, writer (education and/or mathematics), production of camera-ready copy and graphics for mathematics publications, and general knowledge of the organization higher education.