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YDreams: Serious Games For Santander Brand Reinforcement

YDreams" largest project to date, "El Faro" Visitors Center, is the gateway to Santander Group's financial complex on the outskirts of Madrid. The center is a creative mix of advanced robotics, hi-res LED paneled columns and interactive interface design that offer visitors memorable and impactful forms of exploring the group's history and global presence.

Via: YDreams - Advanced Robotics & Hi-Tech Interaction Design Deck Visitors’ Hall At ‘Ciudad Grupo Santander’ In Madrid

Knee-high Ferrari-Red robots are probably the last thing you would expect to find in a serious & conservative environment like a bank. Yet there they are.

Santander Group went to YDreams about a year and a half ago asking for ‘something unexpected that people hadn’t seen before’ for their Visitors Center at ‘Ciudad Grupo Santander’, the group’s financial campus and HQ on the outskirts of Madrid.

The Visitors Center is the prime door to the Bank. It is the first approach to Santander’s culture. The Visitors Center is meant to be a reference in technology, innovation and reflect the bank’s position as one of the biggest in the world.

The Robots – Santander Interactive Guest Assistants (SIGA)

The already awesome glass cube that is the gateway to the center and campus has little droids welcoming and guiding visitors to their desired destinations, communicating with you in your own language.

Knee-high autonomous robots greet and guide visitors to their destination in the center

Digital ivory climbs the hi-res, LED paneled columns located at the entrance

The Model – Augmented Reality Explorer

The goal here was to take a really big model of Santander’s financial city and build an augmented reality set-up around it.

Further into the center a large scale model of the city that uses Augmented Reality

The Interactive Wall – Motion and Touch-Base Interactive Design

The Interactive Wall is a result of Santander’s need to communicate its history and presence in the world.

A 12-meter tactile wall offers visitors a memorable way to explore the group’s history and global presence