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Serious Games Interactive Websites Make Over

Via: Serious Games Interactive Blog - SGI Website Make Over

The Serious Games Interactive website has undergone a makeover and is now live. SGI aims to inform customers and other people with an interest in game-based learning solutions about their experience and vision for the segment.

The new website features extended company information and project examples, including streaming game-play videos related to former client projects such as LEGO, The National Museum and Novo Nordisk.

While the former website focused on production projects - the Global Conflicts series and the Playing History series - SGI has now launched dedicated sites for each one of them: the Global Conflicts Portal and the Playing History website.

The new corporate website welcomes visitors with a clean visual look and navigation. The goal is to make it easier for visitors to access information about the four areas of expertise: 1. corporate education 2. academic education 3. cultural education and 4. market education. What ties all these areas together is the strong focus on integrating game and learning experiences.

About Serious Games Interactive (SGI)

Serious Games Interactive is an award-winning research-based game company located in Copenhagen, the bustling center of education, games and innovation in the Nordic countries.

Since its start in 2006, SGI has set a new standard for what can be expected from games used for serious purposes in learning & education, marketing and HR processes.

SGI focus is neither on technology nor on ideas, but on the user experience: "Why not use people inherent fascination with games for purposes beyond pure entertainment?" is SGI's major core value.