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Serious Games Improving Health Care Delivery

Via: Blue Marble Game Company Getting The World To Play

Video Game Play - Have Your Say! Blue Marble Game Co.

• Dates: January 12 -- May 01, 2010

Blue Marble Game Co., a small independent video game company owned by physical therapists, neuroscientists, and game designers, is interested in hearing about your experience with video games both at home and during rehab in order to better design the games.

They are conducting a worldwide survey to gather information about specific experiences with video games in order to better understand likes, dislikes, and specific needs and abilities.

This survey is anonymous and results will be shared with the scientific and game industry community in order to inform the industry and provide suggestions for game design and modification to better meet the needs of people with disabilities.

About Blue Marble Game Company

Blue Marble Game Company specializes in the creation of compelling, creative, and unique Serious Games to enhance rehabilitation for people with disabilities worldwide. The heart of her company is centered on a passion for using technology to revolutionize health care delivery and outcomes.

Dr. Sheryl Flynn is the founder and CEO of Blue Marble Game Co. As a member of the team, Dr. Flynn wears a number of hats from consultant, game designer, and project manager, to grant writer, lecturer and clinician. Dr. Flynn also consults with other game designers/developers who are interested in converting their games into games for rehabilitation.

Recently, her company received funding from the Department of Defense to develop a Serious Game for troops with mild traumatic brain injury who wish to return to work. This game will be playable on existing game consoles and on mobile devices in the future.

Dr. Flynn also collaborates with one of the world’s leading researchers in Virtual Reality applications, Skip Rizzo PhD, Institute for Creative Technology/University of Southern California, as a game design consultant on the currently NIDRR funded OPTT RERC ( Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center for Technologies for Successful Aging with Disability) project.

Sheryl is a Co-Director of the “M.O.V.E” lab (Movements Optimized in Virtual Environments). The lab is located at Precision Rehabilitation a state of the art free-standing outpatient clinic in Long Beach, California. The MOVE Lab serves as a test bed for newly developed games.

Sheryl has also begun the development of the social network that aims to bring together individuals with disabilities, clinicians, researchers and game industry professionals to engage all integral parties and push the boundaries of games for rehabilitation.

In addition to her entrepreneurial pursuits, Dr. Flynn also consults with the University of Southern California, Institute for Creative Technologies and Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy on the NIDRR funded OPTT-RERC grant to develop a suite of games that clinicians can use in rehabilitation settings. In addition Sheryl also mentors students from many universities nationally and internationally.

She obtained her physical therapy training at NYU, her PhD at the University of Florida and completed a post-doctoral fellowship in Neuroscience at the McKnight Brain Institute. Dr. Flynn has spent over 20 years providing rehabilitation to individuals with nervous system injuries and impairments and continues to practice as a physical therapist today.

As a member of the American Physical Therapy Association, Sheryl has offered her expertise in using games for rehabilitation at local, state and national conferences.

Sheryl is also co-organizing the Rehabilitation Tract at the 6th annual Games For Health Conference in Boston in May.

Dr. Flynn leverages her expertise to improve health care delivery through technology adoption and engaging video games.