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Serious Games For Marketplace Simulations

Via: Innovative Learning Solutions (ILS)

Since 2000, Innovative Learning Solutions, Inc. (ILS) has been committed to developing innovative web-based learning tools for business schools and business professionals.

ILS works with content experts in various areas of education to create interactive experiential exercises that can be delivered over the web.

Their goal is to help educators make the learning process more hands-on, engaging and fun. They believe that learning by doing in a simulated virtual environment greatly improves knowledge retention and stimulates one's desire to learn.

ILS understands that today's global online learning environment is not confined to classroom schedules and time zones, and thus they provide free 24/7 support for registered instructors by support specialists in the industry. In 2000, ILS Inc. released their first fully web-based business simulation that required no downloads or installation. In January 2009, ILS released their web-based business simulation with multimedia content and a realistic 3D environment.

ILS is located in Knoxville Tennessee. Main offices and the Marketplace Simulation Processing Center reside in the Digital Crossing complex.

Marketplace Business Simulation

Marketplace is a business strategy game. It is a family of 19 online business simulations for undergraduates, graduates and executives.

Each simulation is designed for a specific set of courses in the areas of marketing, business management, business policy, strategic management, new ventures, e-commerce, supply chain management and international management. These simulations have been used by over 150,000 people in 360 business schools and 180 corporations in 35 countries.

Marketplace Live

Marketplace Live is a brand new, visually rich online business simulation with multimedia content and realistic 3D environments, available for introductory marketing and business courses.

It is the successor of the above mentioned Marketplace simulation.

Built on its predecessor, Marketplace Live introduces a new interface with multimedia content and built in tools for real-time team collaboration. 

The Marketplace Live game scenario revolves around the microcomputer industry, which is in its introductory stage of the product life cycle. The market consists of several international regions. Students form new venture firms, which develop the market. There are no established firms in the market and all teams start out with the same resources to ensure a level playing field.

Marketplace Live is currently available for introductory marketing and business courses, new ventures, business policy, e-commerce, strategic management and capstone business courses.

The predecessor of Marketplace Live - the Web Marketplace, offers 16 different simulations. ILS is currently upgrading these simulations to Marketplace Live. At this time, the simulations listed below are available in this new version:

Introduction to Marketing, Business Fundamentals, Introduction to Business and Strategy, Venture Strategy, Strategic Management, Strategic E-Commerce, International Corporate Management, Strategic Corporate Management, Integrated Business Management.