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Games Beyond Entertainment Week: Serious Games For All Market Segments

May 24-27, 2010, Boston, MA

Featuring The 6th Annual Games for Health Conference

Games Beyond Entertainment Week 2010 is a festival of conference events about the development of games and game technologies for emerging markets and purposes beyond entertainment including health, education, productivity, training, security, and more.

Via: Ben Sawyer - Digitalmill - Serious Games Initiative - Games for Health Project

Following my prior posting International Leadership For Serious Games Gathering, here are Ben Sawyer's latest updates on the upcoming festival of conference events.

The Games for Health Conference and Games Beyond Entertainment Week are coming soon. 

We can now reveal our excellent keynotes for the 2010 Games for Health Conference:

Day 1: Wednesday May 26

THE MIND-BODY EXPERIENCE OF SONY MOVE: Relationships between Gaming, Play, Exercise, and More!

Dr. Richard Marks - Senior Researcher Sony US R&D group

Dr. Marks also known as the "father of the EyeToy" will discuss the relationship between gaming, play and exercise, referencing his work in the development of Sony’s new motion controller system, PlayStation Move, as well as his previous work with Sony’s EyeToy, PlayStation Eye and other interfaces.

Day 2: Thursday May 27


Chaim Gingold

Chaim Gingold, a longtime independent game developer and original designer of Spore’s creature creator will discuss how existing game genres map onto the human brain and body and how design decisions affect who will be attracted to the game and how they will play.

You can see the nearly full schedule at:

Two of our May 25: Pre-Conference Events also have schedules posted:

Out & About: The Mobile Serious Games schedule

3rd Annual Games Accessibility Day

Games for Health -