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LEEF 2010: Effectiveness of Serious Games as a Learning Strategy

Thursday - Friday, June 17-18, 2010 - Harrisburg, PA

LEEF is an interactive professional development event showcasing the convergence of learning and entertainment technologies and exploring the organizational, design and technical challenges for adopting games and simulations for learning.

The 2010 Learning and Entertainment Evolution Forum (LEEF) will explore the use of games, simulations and virtual worlds for learning and performance by looking at the needs for successful adoption, and will specifically explore how to addresses business objectives, design goals, and technical development needs.

Demonstrating the effectiveness of games and simulations as an organizational learning strategy is a central theme of LEEF. However, this year’s program will focus less on why games and simulations are so effective, and will look more closely at how these approaches are successfully implemented and what steps can be taken to integrate this new approach into established learning organizations.

LEEF will feature new perspectives from keynote presentations, practical applications and lessons learned from in-depth case study sessions, hands-on play with new and experimental technologies through high-tech demos, focused instructional workshops, one-on-one time with innovators and entrepreneurs in the exhibitors area, and lots of opportunities for networking with a diverse array of attendees. 

Keynote Presentations

Jerry Heneghan - Managing Director, Virtual Heroes Division, Applied Research Associates

Friday, June 18th

Uniting Three Disciplines: A Development Approach for Successful Serious Games

In order to create effective serious games, it is frequently necessary to blend the disciplines of instructional design, game design and cognitive task analysis into a process that works for both internal teams and clients.

This is not an easy task! Some consider it an extreme sport with high levels of physical and mental exertion, spectacular feats and inherent dangers along the way.

In this KEYNOTE, Jerry Heneghan shall provide a frank discussion regarding the highs and lows involved in creating some of the most successful Serious Games to date. He will illustrate the proven process used at Virtual Heroes to create serious games such as ‘America’s Army’, ‘Pamoja Mtanni’, ‘Hilton Ultimate Team Play’, ‘Zero Hour: America’s Medic’, and the ‘Virtual Peace Project’. Special emphasis will be given to the topics of stakeholder management, goal alignment, subject-matter-expert interaction and the dialog that should take place between the three disciplines.

Mike Cuffe - Vice President University of Farmers, Claims, Agoura Hills, California, Farmers Insurance Group

Thursday, June 17th

Talk about a revolution...Learning, Technology, and People

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