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Serious Games To Discuss Violent Extremism

Via: PlayGen - Choices and Voices

A simulation that encourages young people to explore and discuss issues underlying violent extremism

According to PlayGen's Choices and Voices site, evidence shows that the long-term solution to tackling violent extremism lies in prevention. The most effective way to prevent young people from turning to violence is to encourage open and honest conversations on attitudes, ideas and choices in a safe and positive environment.
PlayGen developed an interactive simulation that encourages young people to explore and discuss the underlying issues and adverse influences, which can lead to divisions and tensions in communities. In two separate scenarios, the player faces a number of moral dilemmas in which their decisions will define their own outcomes and those of their friends and family.
Issues explored within the game include:
•Peer pressure and the seductive powers of adventure and secrecy
•Social exclusion, isolation and the effects of not fitting in
•Bullying, humiliation and exposure to violence
•Feelings of underachievement and the need for purpose and respect
Choices and Voices supports the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) Preventing Violent Extremism toolkit and contributes to specific areas within the citizenship, PSHE (Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education) and SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) curriculum.

The game shall be presented and discussed at the upcoming Serious Games Conference 2010 to be held on February 22nd and March 25th 2010 – London, Session: Serious Games for Police & Community Engagement.  This session aims at looking at a range of gaming examples from the UK dealing with subjects such as preventing violent extremism, drug use, gang violence and drink driving.