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Serious Games Securing Sensitive Information

Via: MAVI INTERACTIVE - Agent Surefire – Infosec

Agent Surefire – Infosec is a Serious Game addressing corporate information security violations inside the physical office environment and providing methods to secure sensitive information.

Players have the opportunity to learn by trial and error at their own pace while identifying violations in a virtual office.

The goal of the game is to train employees to safeguard sensitive information. The game requires the player, as Agent Surefire, to search the office, looking for information security violations.

The game presents few repetitions of problem areas, motivating players to conduct more thorough searches at each work station, thus increasing attention to detail in the game setting.

After 10 minutes playing the game, you feel like Agent Surefire trying your best to uncover security mistakes left by company's employees.

Industry Recognition

2009 Summit Emerging Media Awards
Innovator Award in Interactive Online Games

2009 Summit Emerging Media Awards
Leader Award in Interactive Flash Design

2009 Serious Games Showcase & Challenge
Best Business Game

2010 Digital Media Awards
Best in e-Learning

Agent Surefire – Infosec Stats & Info: 

Game Environment

• 275 interactive views
• 550 interactive objects
• 54 files/documents with 350 pages
• 97 violations waiting to be uncovered
• 9 violation categories

Training Completion and Performance Metrics

Success Rate is the percentage of violation categories correctly identified.

Minimum Success Criteria is 70% of violation categories correctly identified. (This percentage is customizable).

Game Score is the number of points collected by way of actions inside the virtual office space. It is independent of Success Rate.

Training completion is discovering/experiencing at least one violation from each violation category. Minimum Success Criteria must still be met.

Training conclusion is optional. Trainee may continue playing the game even after attaining 100% Success Rate. This provides continued learning and discovery, increased learner engagement and much-needed repetition for retention.