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Science en Jeu : Serious Games For Science

GAME FOR SCIENCE is CREO’s science-themed virtual world and "Serious Games" portal, in French SCIENCE EN JEU, where you can play tons of standalone Serious Games for free.

CREO is a production studio specialized in science, based in Canada. CREO stands for Creativity, Rigorous attention to detail, Excellence and Originality. In addition to publishing their own edutainment products, they provide government and organizations with customized scientific communication services.

GAME FOR SCIENCE is the first virtual world dedicated to science, where you can explore all kinds of virtual islands according to your interest: health, aeronautics, genomics, environment, engineering and more.

You’ll find fun games, interesting facts, and photos and videos – all on a science theme.


In the new game, Forestia, we face the formidable challenge of sustainable forest management: carry out forest inventories, supply mills using multi-functional tree fellers, fight massive forest fires, and protect a section of the forest that contains an exceptional ecosystem.

Among the several islands there is a GAME FOR SCIENCE expansion for you to try: at GENOMIA Island, populated with garden gnomes who happen to be experts in genomics, you can chat with your friends. You'll also find quests, games and information on genomics.

Head in the stars and feet planted on M.A.R.S.! At GAME FOR SCIENCE, we step on Aeronia Island and learn more about space and aeronautics. Better yet, play M.A.R.S. Mars Academy of Research and Science, a game where you’ll learn about an array of careers related to space exploration. You will find the game here. Bon voyage!

Earning Neurons

At GAME FOR SCIENCE you earn neurons every time you complete a task assigned by a game character. Soon you will be able to use the neurons to modify your avatar. You can also collect neurons by using the knowledge detector to find “smart stars” hidden in the games.