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New Book: Creating Independent Serious Games From Start to Finish

Via: End to End Game Development Blog

About The Book

The tools for game creation are more widely available, and less costly, than ever before. Schools, businesses, organizations (public and private) and political movements are all aware of the power of interactive games to teach, train, and persuade — and grants, internal corporate funding and other monies are often available to create serious game and simulation products. But if you’ve never made a game before, what do you do with that money?

End to End Game Development: Creating Independent Serious Games From Start to Finish, issued in December 15, 2009, is about the process of conceptualizing, developing, producing, distributing and marketing independent serious games and simulations.

Written by two veteran media content producers and creators, End to End Game Development provides no-nonsense advice and a step-by-step process to building an independent, low-budget serious game or simulation from start to finish.

About The Authors

Interested in a more detailed overview of how to combine narrative with gameplay? Wondering if classic Hollywood storytelling techniques might apply to the creation of serious games and simulations? Check out the author's first book for Focal Press, Story and Simulations for Serious Games, issued in November 29, 2006.

Nick Iuppa

Nick Iuppa has 40 years experience as a production executive, writer and interactive designer for entertainment and industry. Recently Nick completed an 11-year stint with Paramount Pictures where he served as Vice President and Creative Director of Paramount Digital Entertainment. For more about Nick…

Terry Borst

End to End Game Development is the second book Terry Borst has co-authored on the subject of serious game and simulation development, based on his narrative scripting and design work in the field during the decade. For more about Terry…

Extended & Bonus Chapters

There are good reasons to visit their website, and here are a few of them:

• View, print and download an extended chapter 20 (Selecting Development Tools), an extended chapter 21 (The Design Document), and a bonus chapter 28 (Your Game, Version 2.0). And read updated information about game engine licensing fees (free! — in an increasing number of cases).

A bonus fable! More on wizards and corporate wizardry

Product Description By Amazon
You're part of a new venture, an independent gaming company, and you are about to undertake your first development project. The client wants a serious game, one with instructional goals and assessment metrics. Or you may be in a position to green light such a project yourself, believing that it can advance your organization's mission and goals. This book provides a proven process to take an independent game project from start to finish.
In order to build a successful game, you need to wear many hats. There are graphic artists, software engineers, designers, producers, marketers - all take part in the process at various (coordinated) stages, and the end result is hopefully a successful game. Veteran game producers and writers (Iuppa and Borst) cover all of these areas for you, with step by step instructions and checklists to get the work done.
The final section of the book offers a series of case studies from REAL indy games that have been developed and launched successfully, and show exactly how the principles outlined in the book can be applied to real world products.