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KTM Advance: Serious Games For Corporate Training


( – Based on complex educational scenarios, including realistic simulations and decision trees, KTM Advance’s training products (e-Learning, Serious Games, Blended Learning) are benchmarks for creativity and high quality 2D and 3D graphics.

KTM Advance also offers pre-production advice and assistance and Knowledge Management consultancy; particularly focusing on implementation issues such as distribution methods, change management and learner motivation. KTM Advance’s intensive collaboration with all actors involved in their customers’ projects are a key factor in the continued success of their programs.

KTM Advance has recently focused on the Serious Games Market.

Valerie Boudier, Knowledge Manager at KTM Advance says: "Serious Games are training programs that require for their developments very contrasted professional protagonists: when the professionals of education express their needs in terms of “pedagogical objectives”, “cognitive abilities” and “storyboards”, the game designers think in terms of “pitches”, “huds” “game play loops” and “triggers”….

KTM Advance’s team focuses on this cultural “gap”: filling it up requires a knowledge management approach as an intermediary stage. This approach conducts to the elaboration of a cognitive model that will provide the essential clues for the game designer to build up his game project."

KTM Advance's products are efficient and innovative training tools which are changing the complexion of the Serious Games market.

STARBANK the Game For BNP PARIBAS- A Serious Game To Learn How To Be A Banker

STARBANK the Game is a Serious Game designed for BNP PARIBAS, which aims at training new hires. It is a fully interactive builder/management strategy-type game, featuring engaging gameplay & an innovative pedagogical scenario.

The game was developed around a complex financial engine in concert with BNP Paribas. There are in-game missions designed to introduce the player to the structure of the BNP Paribas Group & demonstrate the interaction and interdependence of the Group's services & activities through the gameplay.

The player's goal is to build the bank of the future (2505) on a distant planet, progressing through 5 levels. To successfully complete these missions, the player will have to invest in and develop a full range of banking structures, activities & services while dealing with unforeseen market events.

To help the player decide on the wisest course of action, he can access to a control panel where he can see his cash flow, the profitability of his investments, the risks involved with his developments, and stock market fluctuations, all in "real" time.

As the player learns from his successes and mistakes, he is also indirectly absorbing the logic of the Group's structure and values, and his immersion in the game will strengthen his theoretical knowledge of the banking system.

Since the launch of the training program on March 09, Starbank the Game counts more than 95,000 connections and 20,011 players.

MOONSHIELD the Game - A Serious Game To Consolidate Thales Brand Recognition And Enhance Its Visibility As A Possible Employer

MOONSHIELD is a management strategy game in which the player pictures himself into the near future, where he or she will have to use Thales technologies to defend the Earth from deadly meteorites that could destroy all civilization.

The challenge: you take the command of a lunar base and will have to think quickly and use everything at your disposal to save the blue planet! As commander of MOONSHIELD, you can call on all the scientific resources of the Thales group to help you make the best decisions.

Figures: Results in terms of traffic and statistics went beyond Thales early expectations. The game's main goal - to develop Thales brand recognition abroad – has been fully reached as 70 per cent of the connected people live out of France. After a year, there were 200,000 connections including 120,000 different players. In addition to that, more than 80,000 people moved to Thales recruitment website via Moonshield the game.

According to Jean-Louis ONNIS, Recruitment and Mobility Program Director, Thales:

"Value for money for an investment such as Moonshield is really interesting. After the whole media fall out (Internet, press, TV interviews, social networks), we almost reached 100% profitability."

BLOSSOM FLOWER for MEA-I & Hewlett Packard - Learning Game To Help Micro-Entrepreneurs To Develop A Smart Use Of Technologies

BLOSSOM FLOWER is a management and role playing game (RPG) that helps micro-entrepreneurs to develop a smart use of technologies and focus on improving business management. They also can assess their weaknesses and strengths with regard to the new information technologies and acquire skills to use the relevant technology in a set of contexts.

The player’s mission is to manage and develop a flower business in a bad situation through the smart use of technologies: he needs to improve the turnover, the clients’ satisfaction and the manager’s well-being. To achieve this mission, the player runs the plantation, the office, interacts with the clients in the market place, and gets training, hardware, software and advice in the resource centre. The more the business grows, the more new situations occur, and the more skills the user develops.

About KTM Advance

In 1995 Pierre Breese, Industrial Property consultant and Jean-François Rapp an expert in Knowledge Management, created Advance, with the goal of helping companies develop and leverage their knowledge capital.

Over the next eight years the company became known as a benchmark for quality, obtaining strategic budgets in Knowledge Management Consultancy and Knowledge Collection and Capitalization, PSA Peugeot-Citroën being one notable example.

In 2003-2004, two e-learning heavyweights with a combined annual turnover of 5.7MF, merged with Advance:

• In 2003 the team of KTM System joined with Advance. They brought with them a wealth of expertise in creating and developing custom e-learning solutions for professional skills-oriented training.

• At the beginning of 2004 Millenium, a French leader in creating, developing, and accompanying specific Information Systems training came on board.

These mergers enabled the new company to build on the natural synergy developed over an almost constant 8-year partnership, and unite with a common objective: better respond to the demands of the market and the challenge of helping our clients develop their human capital. The result was KTM ADVANCE.

The availability of KTM Advance’s team and the capacity to understand quickly the complexity of the customers activities are our main factors of success. KTM Advance works for large multinational clients whose levels of exigency are very high.

The company is expanding its expertise abroad and has just opened a new office in London, UK which will ensure a closer contact with existing and potential customers.

KTM Advance will also participate at the Learning Technologies exhibition, Olympia 2, 27-28 January 2010 (Stand 30) and hold a conference on Serious Games.