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Serious Games To Be Showcased at COP15

Via: Love Letters to the Future - Website 

Heads up on a new ARG on climate change...only up for 3 weeks until the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change!

Emmy® Award winning production company Xenophile Media in Toronto has recently produced "Love Letters to the Future", a new media project and Alternate Reality Game (ARG) designed to raise awareness about climate change.

The objective of the site is to collect a critical mass of love letters - messages about people's fears and hopes for the future, the stories they want to send to their children's children - to be showcased during the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this December, and locked in a time capsule to be situated in Copenhagen for 100 years.

In an interesting twist, a message from the year 2109 has been received on the site, however it appears it is encrypted and needs to be unlocked.

It seems possible that the Love Letters, to be sent in the Time Capsule on Dec 13, 2009, have reached the future. The Time capsule was opened – and now someone is answering them back in this message!

There are signs that a number of clues planted on the site hold the key to unlock this message and it is believed that this message may provide evidence of the world as it is in 2109…

Submit your own letter to see the first clue!

You can leave a either text, a video or an image message.

Here is mine (misplaced in 2019) - but I've got a clue even so...