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Serious Games Showcase & Challenge Finalists

Following my prior posting Serious Games Showcase & Challenge 2009 - Call For Entries, here are the 12 finalists selected by a panel of Serious Games leaders in the military, industry, and academic fields.

The Fourth Annual I/ITSEC will be held on November 30 - December 3, 2009, Orlando, Florida, USA and the Awards presentation will take place on December 03 at SGS&C Pavilion Booth 331 in three categories: Best Business Game, Best Student Game and Best Government Game.

Business Finalists

Conspiracy Code - 360Ed, Inc.
3D adventure game that teaches a full course of High School American history

The game is the first in a series of online game courses created by FLVS and 360Ed Inc., an educational game development company. The first Conspiracy Code course is worth a full credit of history and is equal to the state of Florida’s education standards. In this first course, students adopt the roles of fictional characters and must build their knowledge and understanding of American history to stop a vast conspiracy that is threatening to erase and change the course of history.

Ship Simulator Professional v2.0 – VSTEP
Low cost maritime training and game/simulation with an extensive library of military and civilian vessels in realistic sailing environments

Ship Simulator Professional is a new milestone for flexible, low cost maritime training and simulation. This next generation simulation tool features a collection of highly detailed vessels, ranging from large container vessels, oil tankers and inland push boats to navy frigates and ocean-going tugs, each with their own realistic ship dynamics. Each of the vessels can be operated in accurately modeled 3D port environments or open sea.

DimensionM 2009 -Tabula Digita
Immersive video game world that engages students in learning, applying and reinforcing over 200 different key math and algebraic concepts

DimensionM Multiplayer is the newest version of its immersive math video game for students in grades 3 to 12. This edition features expanded content, forcing users to draw upon more than 200 math skills as they navigate through its missions, with all mission curricula correlated to National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and state standards.

In addition, students can create their own avatars, and both students and teachers have access to reports and summaries that include information about students’ performance and mastery of mathematical concepts.

Vessel Damage Control Trainer - BN Technologies

Provides training on vessel damage control skills while reinforcing decision-making, communication protocol, situational awareness and shipboard navigation.

Agent Surefire - Infosec - Mavi Interactive, LLC
Immersive simulation/game to train employees on Clean Desk Policy and Information Security in their physical office space

Checkpoint Recon - Camber Corporation

A Rules of Engagement familiarization training game. The player roams freely in an Apache helicopter to exercise “tactical patience."

Student Finalists

Polyglot Cubed - University of Miami (OH)
Polyglot is an educational game prototype for learning languages. Aids in the retention of listening vocabulary; and improve comprehension of a variety of languages with minimal training

The game is designed around 6 rooms of floating, cubicle tiles. Each tile is assigned a foreign language word, and a pictographic representation of that word. The cubes are clustered by topic, usage, or form of speech to encourage contextual recognition and aid visual memory. The player must match the spoken word with the cube that corresponds to it.

Energy Wars - Rise of the Chimera - Queens University
Strategy/Action game situated on university campus. Allows area exploration, building capture and improvement. Balance capturing tricksters who are damaging an urban area with fixing those urban features to generate green revenue and to prevent future damage.

Energy Wars - Rise of the Chimera is GeoEduc3D first game prototype. It is an educational game situated in a real environment. The first version takes place on Queen’s University campus (Kingston, Ontario). The goal is to capture and upgrade buildings to be more energy efficient. Gamers can rely on energy engineer who runs around and surveys buildings. Meanwhile, enemy agents are trying to get buildings to waste energy! Energy wars can be seen as Monopoly with a sustainable development taste!

NihongoUp – Lycee Francais de Prague
A Japanese language reviewing tool that allows you to practice typing correct letter combinations and improve Katakana and Hiragana typing recognition speed, as you review Kanji vocabulary.

Please refer to my previous post Serious Games For Japanese Practice

Government Finalists

Procurement Fraud Indicator Mini Game - Defense Acquisition University (DAU)
Acquisition training focused on understanding of procurement fraud. Ethical dilemmas serve as indicators of procurement fraud. Students collect evidence, develop theories and question suspects in order to reach a conclusion.

Computer Based Corpsman Training System - RDECOM-STTC
CBCTS creates an immersive training environment for the Marine Corps. During the mission a corpsman must balance triage, treatment, and safety to successfully keep his patience alive and prepare them for evacuation.

Virtual Cultural Awareness Trainer (VCAT) - USJFCOM-JKDDC
Web-based, game-based training application that teaches cultural awareness using simulated missions. Automatically tailors program of instruction, according to their country of responsibility.