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Serious Games Futuring Medical Training In France

Via: Serious-Game. fr - Pulse, The Flight Simulator For Medical Training, Finds a Partner In France

Building on the partnership with BreakAway Ltd., Interaction Healthcare extends its offer to adapt Pulse!! for medical training needs in France, resulting in a series of public projects.

Pulse!! is a serious game for learning complex medical practices and technical knowledge : diagnosis of all types of illnesses, ER services and complex surgical procedures.

Through immersion in a virtual environment which simulates complex situations such as medical history, physiological responses to drug treatments, etc., Pulse! validates the knowledge that could be acquired in traditional modes of learning.

A major player in e-health, specializing in strategy and implementation of communication tools and health training, Interaction Healthcare will deploy Pulse!! in France, building the following capabilities:

• Use the Pulse! platform to develop training modules tailored for medical practices suchas use of complex medical devices, surgical procedures e.g. obstetrics, use of new medical equipment, others.

• Design new training modules on healthcare issues such as prevention of diseases for the general public.

View current uses and applications of the Pulse!! Simulation Technology to better teach and train medical students and professionals in clinical decision making skills and diagnostic protocol. Game-based technology is impacting the way medical and healthcare organizations teach a new generation of learners.