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Serious Games Empowering Energy Efficient Citizens


Via: OuterArc – Serious Games to Make Energy Use More Visible in Your Building

OuterArc wants to make the world a more energy efficient place to live.

The Effectiveness of Feedback On Energy Consumption

Their survey reveals that employees want to do their bit and are increasingly seeing saving money around the workplace as part of their responsibility. This could help most businesses to save up to 20% on energy bills.

The norm is for savings from direct feedback (direct from the meter or an associated display monitor) to range from 5%-15%.

OuterArc believes engaging employees and occupants is the best way for organizations to make an immediate impact on reducing energy and carbon emissions. OuterArc provides Serious Games to do this. By giving people easy to digest info and targets they make people think.

KyotoTV is their first low cost, high impact application, providing feedback on energy usage throughout corporate buildings.

OuterArc vision is to create a software platform which allows organizations to engage their employees to save energy and reduce carbon emissions. They do this in a way that provides easy to digest information, reaching everyone throughout their day and actively encouraging participation.

According to the website, to get data into their application, they put in a simple device that collects data from customers’ meters. They are also working on an API, which details are to be available soon.

They can accommodate customizations and bespoke designs. Pricing details will be up on the website soon.

Customer Showcase
No.1 Nottingham Science Park
One of the coolest looking buildings in Nottingham developed by Blueprint and based at the Science Park.
No.1 has been one of OuterArc’s pilot sites from the beginning.

Highfields Automotive & Engineering Centre

Castle College's major partnership with Toyota GB has enabled the construction of the Highfields Automotive & Engineering Centre, located at Nottingham's Science Park.

This landmark building will become a centre of excellence in automotive training, providing a national centre for Toyota's Apprenticeship Academy as well as offering a range of courses for up to 600 Castle College students. The £14 million project is part funded by the Learning and Skills Council Nottinghamshire and East Midlands Development Agency East, with financial support from Nottingham City Council.

The building has also been one of OuterArc’s pilot sites.