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New Serious Game For Next-Gen Dutch Naval Recruits

Via: Incredible Sims - 804: A New 3D Game Aimed At The Next Generation Of Dutch Naval Recruits

On my prior post dated October 28, Serious Games Connect Royal Netherlands Navy With Next-Gen Recruits, I reported that Incredible Sims had been selected to develop a PC game for the Royal Netherlands Navy.

Wishing to connect with the next generation of potential naval recruits, the Royal Netherlands Navy challenged the Incredible Sims to provide the solution.

Incredible Sims has now created 804, a new 3D Serious Game aimed at the next generation of Dutch Naval recruits.

This advanced simulation uses video game techniques to allow the general public to experience life on board an operational warship.

The Dutch Navy flagship ‘De Ruyter’ has been recreated in 3D to allow players to explore the ship and complete a series of training missions.

Challenges include target practice with the 20mm side guns, landing a helicopter on the flight deck and clearing smoke from the ship after a fire drill.

If some players are looking to relax after all the action, they can play a few hands of blackjack or lend a hand in the kitchen. Even after the missions are completed and achievements are gained, the player can still discover the truth of their historic naval ancestry...

804 gives a view of the working and living quarters of a navy frigate and allows the user to learn about different aspects of navy life in a fun and stimulating environment – all from the comfort of their own home. Potential seafarers will get a feel for life at sea, enabling them to be better informed when they apply for a job in the Royal Netherlands Navy.

With 40 crew members to interact with in more than 30 rooms across 6 different decks, players can have fun exploring the ship and finding out a wealth of interesting information. An online update process ensures that content is kept fresh and up to date and it will encourage users to log back into 804 long after they have completed the game.