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Mobile Serious Games For Job Search

Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, Secretary of State in France and responsible for the development of the digital economy, presented Monday, October 26, 2009, the winners of the call for projects Proxima Mobile

Proxima Mobile is the first portal for innovative services - useful applications and services of general interest - free and accessible from mobile phones connected to the Internet.

As more and more people are accessing the web from their mobile phones (according to a Médiamétrie recent study, nearly 16% of French were equipped with a smart phone in the second quarter of 2009, against 11% three months earlier ), all projects selected for Proxima Mobile are intended to meet three main objectives:

1. Creating a portfolio of useful mobile services to all citizens

2. Allowing a less connected audience (elderly or disabled persons) to benefit from wider applications and services relevant to the mobile Internet

3. Promoting mobile Internet services as a strategic issue for all players in the digital economy

Out of 250 projects submitted, 68 were selected.

One of the winners was Job Quotes (Cite Job), intervening in the field of employment. The project, developed by a a consortium led by the GENIOUS Group in partnership with the Cité des Métiers, Lirmm and Daesign, a leader in the European Serious Games market, offers a mobile platform focused on employment and training.

The project aims at providing a real-time response to issues like job search  and professional development. It is also possible for the player to configure his/her personal mobile site to include the resume and personal data.

Native applications will be dedicated to employment inquiries, including a mobile Serious Game that will draw heavily on other applications developed by the company Daesign (please find also my previous post Serious Games Developing Soft Skills).

The mobile Serious Game will utilize 3D real-time simulations for evaluation of competencies and training, enabling players to interact in a virtual environment and choosing the right attitude and behavior during job interviews.