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Serious Games As Immersive Internet

Via: LinkedIn Group - NORTEL's Web.Alive Developers and Users

Immersive Internet Overview PPT Presentation Excerpts

Immersive Internet is a collection of emerging technologies - Virtual Worlds and Campuses, immersive learning simulations, Serious Games, 3 D business applications - combined with a Social Culture of IMs, twitter, and blogs that deeply engage the user, providing experiences that people feel are real.

The expected results would be new dimensions in engagement that would lead to increased workforce collaboration and stakeholders, retention.

Immersive Internet is a nascent technology – projected to be mainstream in 5 years.

Major Drivers (according to the presentation):

- Kids playing multiplayer videogames and engaging in social networking – are tomorrow’s business leaders, partners, employees, decision makers . They will expect this technology.

- Pressure on corporate costs require different ways of doing business – travel expense hit hard. Companies are becoming Carbon Aware!

- Large technology companies are getting involved: Accenture: 2nd life for recruiting, ROI in 5 or 6 world events; Microsoft: ESP training simulation; IBM: University Collaboration and 2nd life; Sun: Wonderland Open Source; Nortel: Web.alive.

Consumer Trends

Immersive Internet can also help you and consumers connect in an immersive shopping experience., facilitated by:

-Increasing consumer consumption of product information online versus in-store.

- Increasing desire for continual touch points with brands online (e.g. expect more than just a simple website today).

- Increasing expectation of after purchase support (e.g. Apple Geniuses).