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Serious Games Of Canada Constituency


Via: Ethical Games Bog - Serious Games in Canada

Serious Games arrive at Montreal International Game Summit

Alliance NumériQC, the business network for Quebec’s new media and interactive digital content industry, has announced that the first annual Serious Games Canada symposium will be held in Montreal in conjunction with the 4yh Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS), on November 27 and 28, 2007, at the Palais des Congrès.

Canada is well-positioned to become an important hub for the development of Serious Games. As such, MIGS is this year convening more than twenty speakers, mostly from Canada, to give high-level presentations on the subject.

The speakers will share expertise on subjects as varied as ethics and negotiation games, Project Moonwalk—an educational simulation of the Apollo Moon Missions, interactive math activities and game ethology, a methodology for design analysis based on game behaviour.

Concurrently, there will be a workshop designed to organize a national group, Serious Games Of Canada, for the promotion of serious game development and research in Canada.

20-30 key people would meet to form the national group, and existing research and games would be presented and discussed. This could result in the formation of Canadian special interest groups as well (Games for Health, Games for Environment and Sustainability).

About the Serious Games Canada Symposium

The Symposium is being jointly organized by Alliance numériQC, Jim K. Parker, Professor, University of Calgary, and Ben Sawyer, Co-founder, Digitalmill. It benefits from the support of numerous sponsors, including Terrace Hill Productions and Distil Interactive.

About MIGS

MIGS was created in 2004 to serve members of the video game industry, which employs over 5,000 people in Quebec. It promotes the transfer of knowledge and expertise, raises the international profile of the Quebec video game industry and cultivates information-sharing and dialogue among industry stakeholders.

About Alliance numériQC

Alliance numériQC, Quebec's digital industry network, is dedicated to supporting and accelerating growth and competitiveness in the industry. Focusing its efforts on private companies and SMBs, it has more than 200 members in the game, eLearning, education and Internet services and applications sectors. For anyone seeking to work with professionals in the field of interactive digital content, Alliance numériQC is the gateway.