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Serious Game Market Dynamics By 2012

Via: ANGILS Reports

Corporate Learning Games in Europe:
Market Challenges & Opportunities for Serious Games Used in Learning to 2012 

Publisher: Apply Group Ltd. Supporters: ANGILS and eLearning Network
Analysts: Martine Parry & Vaughan Waller

The first ever publicly available report on the market dynamics, challenges, opportunities and supply chain for Serious Games used in Corporate learning in Europe is now published.

The result of a market survey with all key stake-holders across the supply chain, include the revelation that the majority of corporations, learning suppliers and established Serious Games suppliers foresee ‘learning games’ not only being adopted but becoming mainstream by 2012. Also a resounding 100% of corporations surveyed see the value of using game-based learning within their organizations.

These are just a few of the key findings in this report – facts only now revealed through the first primary research in this subject and findings that are critical to decision-making in the whole value chain: from investors, corporations, suppliers of learning content, tools suppliers and government agencies.

Attitudes are changing and understanding is deepening on the subject of using game techniques and technologies for learning within corporations, driven by key market and business conditions.

These include: a changing staff profile - the MTV generation is being replaced by the ‘digital native’ generation – and the increasing complexity of the business landscape: compliance, increase in knowledge-driven ‘initiative-taking’ roles, together with extended global reach and a need for simulating more complex systems.

Clive Shepherd, a well-known and respected practitioner and commentator in the field of learning has reviewed the report and said: ’ Serious Games provide an important opportunity for learning and development professionals because they contribute to the type of learning that adults want, i.e. learning how rather than learning what. They provide opportunities for learners to experiment and to make mistakes without risk to life, limb or (most importantly for adults) ego.’

He added: ‘If you’re serious about Serious Games – and if you’re a supplier of learning solutions or someone who is responsible for implementing these within organisations – then this report, Corporate Learning Games in Europe, will undoubtedly be of value. The report is based on extensive research of the supply and demand ends of the market and succeeds in identifying the most important issues facing each of these. It clarifies what serious games really are, where they can be of value and what needs to happen if they are to become a reality.’


Lead analyst Martine Parry of publisher Apply Group said: ‘It has been an illuminating project and it was great to have Vaughan Waller on board with us as an associate analyst. Following our survey of the key players in this market, we adopted a 360 degree approach to our research to gauge the dynamics of the market now and make predictions to 2012. We invited for interview a number of heads of European training from the leading corporations, together with senior executives from learning suppliers, Serious Games developers and leisure games developers who fitted a profile of wanting to diversify their activities. Even for those who think they already know about this subject such as I did, the results are eye-opening.’

The report comprises 176 pages with 50+ figures and charts and is available as a pdf for £599 + vat or print version on application. Discounts are available for members of ANGILS and eLearning Network.

More information about the report and a free overview document is available directly from Martine Parry.