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Clark Aldrich: How Would Steve Jobs Do Training And Education

October issue of Inside Learning Technologies & Skills contains a must-read article by Clark Aldrich: How Would Steve Jobs Do Trainingand Education (please find also my prior posts Aldrich´s Mechanism For Hooking Up Serious Games Buyers and Sellers and Unschooling Rules – Serious Games As Microcosms For Learning).
Clark has shared the full article on Google+ yesterday under the post: The most important thing I ever wrote - "How would Steve Jobs do training and education”. 
In the article, Clark Aldrich shares his vision for organizational education and defines a future much richer than the past. He describes the context in which he was asked by a certain company the question “How would Steve Jobs do training?” and how he developed the answer in three sections: A) The New ‘Old Product Development’, B) The New ‘Old Training’ and C) The New ‘Old Education’ (Serious Games are addressed under section A).     
Read the full article at ILT- October 2012 issue.   

Serious Games As Collaborative Publishing Carbon Zero Is Out

Following my last year’s post Serious Games As Collaborative Publishing: Join Alex Steffen's Carbon Zero @Kickstarter, Carbon Zero is out!

Over the last 18 months, Alex Steffen has worked on a community-funded eBook Carbon Zero: A Short Tour of Your City's Future. It was funded through Kickstarter (please find also Serious Gaming To Fund Creative Projects: Gameful Funded @ Kickstarter), the community funding platform.

Carbon Zero draft PDF version was made available yesterday to project supporters for feedback over the next week, as Alex Stephen finalizes Carbon Zero, at which point there'll also be a download link.

About Alex Steffen and Planetary Thinking

“Alex Steffen, a designing optimist, lays out a blueprint for a successful century.” -The New York Times

Alex Steffen is one of the world’s leading voices on sustainability, social innovation and planetary futurism. He is a writer, public speaker and strategic consultant.

Alex was Executive Editor of afte…

Online Serious Games Delphi Expert Panel

 Social Online Serious Games for Leadership Development

Wouter Grove, a registered Masters student at the Department of Information Systems, UWC,is conducting a Master’s thesis research project at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa.

Wouter’s research topic is Competencies for the Successful Utilization of Social Online Simulation Games (SOSG) In Leadership Development. He is assembling a Panel of Experts to provide comment and assessment on a proposed adaptation of the European Competence Framework’s (eCF 2.0) specifically to the utilization of Social Online Simulation Games in Leadership Development.

The following process is being followed by Wouter Grove:

• Participants are invited to fill in an open-ended questionnaire(estimated time commitment: 30 minutes).

• Your Round 1 Expert Panel responses will be collated with that of the other members of the panel. • A suggested mapping of Competencies required for utilization of Social Online Simulation Game…