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The Guardian: Games Have A Serious Role To Play

Via: The Guardian - Games Can Have A Serious Role To Play
by Victor Keegan
Thursday 11 December 2008

In this article, Victor Keegan provides some hard evidence that Britain has special skills in "Serious Games" which need to be harnessed if they are to fulfill their potential and reach a global audience.

Here are the excerpts…

“Last week I saw two small examples of what might be the future.”

At a seminar organized by Digital Public, I met the young people behind Dead Ends, a videogame commissioned by Channel 4, which enabled kids from at-risk London areas to work with RollingSound, a multimedia education provider, to create a game about knife life on the city's streets with a serious underlying message.”

“For 17-year-old Ollie Edgington, one of several kids to get their first full-time employment on the game, it was a chance to use his experiences on the streets.”

In this full 3D game produced exclusively for Channel 4's 'Disarming Britain' season, you play on b…

Economic Turmoil and Serious Games

I must confess I had not dedicated too much thought to the impact of the recent economic turmoil on the "Serious Game Market Size" until some of my Blog readers brought this up.

My latest post on the subject Reconciling Serious Game Market Size Different Estimates, projecting the figures for the "Serious Game Market Size" short term, have probably become obsolete – at least in terms of "timing". As we know, in a scenario of contingent budgets, organizations tend to defer discretionary costs.

My best guess at this point:
Major impact would be felt by the projects that either require significant investment in infrastructure or can not demonstrate immediate value creation, especially in the corporate training segment. In defense applications and game-like simulations for medical training (e.g., training for surgery, for emergency medical response, and for managing surgical teams), such expenditure could be justified, since the cost of mistakes in these areas …

Proof Of Concept: Serious Games Through Social Networks

Via: Caspian Learning - Not A Serious Game - YET!

Caspian Learning has been experimenting with immersive games through social networks.

The Caspian team has just launched a proof of concept for a client that shows technically and in usability that this is possible.

Its not a serious game - YET! They are tracking progress this month to understand this space better.

Caspian was getting asked for this a lot by clients who are seeking to provide games to learners where ever they may be.They now know that it is possible to deliver on this demand through the browser on a social network, rapidly and for low cost, which  should open the door for developers to expand into this market in 2009.
Caspian has been asked to present technical papers at IGDA casual games and is open to share this knowledge with developers to create the market.

Santa's Elves have stolen all of his presents so you have 5 minutes to search the XMAS town and whack any elves that you can catch. You'll find special pres…