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Microsoft ESP Leveling The Serious Games Market Playing Field

MS ESP Stimulating A New Ecosystem Of Serious Games SolutionsVia: Microsoft ESP
Following my recent posts Serious Games Market Enroll Major Players, $9 Bi: Microsoft's Conservative Estimate For The Serious Games Market and Microsoft Shaping The Serious Games Movement Into A Multi-Billion Dollar Market , I thought it was time to go deeper into the Microsoft ESP Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) platform under a marketability perspective.
Leveling the Market Playing Field
Visual simulation is nothing new. The military and other organizations have been using it for years to train and prepare people for a variety of roles. Simulation offers a balance between the difficulties of imparting real-world training and rehearsal via classroom lectures, and the risk and expense of live exercises.
Traditionally, it can be very costly and time-consuming to bring proprietary simulation solutions to market. A company requesting a new simulation solution generally has to build from scratch, and has to ac…

The Future Of Serious Games

Serious Games Moving Into Fields That Deal With Complex Topics
Via: Social Technologies - Learning From Playing
Games that provide players with opportunities to learn and understand complex situations or different points of view have emerged as a distinct subset of videogames.
Increasingly, creators are taking the definitions of “play” and “learn” in new directions, often blending the two creatively.
“This shows the maturity of the gaming industry as a medium for educating children—and adults,” explains Simeon Spearman, an analyst at the futurist research and consulting firm Social Technologies.
“This new genre of games moves beyond entertainment into fields that deal with complex topics such as healthcare, governance and poverty.”
Serious Games also show that organizations are realizing the potential for videogames to spread their message to larger audiences—for they provide an interactive experience that draws people in, he says.
The trend is spurred by the spread of technology and game cu…

Serious Games Market Enroll Major Players

Via: Dusan Writer’s Metaverse - Battle for Virtual Worlds 2008: Microsoft Takes Shot At Google

With all the attention on whether Google will launch a virtual world version of Google Earth (possibly connected in some way to SketchUp), two moves by Microsoft into the Serious Games and in response to SketchUp market further demonstrates that 2008 will be the Year of the Virtual World.

Reworking code and experience from MS Flight Simulator, ESP is targeted to the corporate training and simulations market - the so-called Serious Games market that Microsoft conservatively estimates is a $9 billion market. While nothing close to a virtual world - the ESP site promises that it can connect up to 30 people at the same time, and that the simulation engine:
Help reduce travel costs and augment costly full-flight and fixed-base simulator training time with realistic immersive simulations that run anytime, anywhere on Windows PCs.
Accurate, cost-effective modeling—Easily and affordably adjust simula…