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$9 Bi: Microsoft's Conservative Estimate For The Serious Games Market

Via: BusinessWeek - Microsoft's Games Get Serious
Innovation December 21, 2007
Following my prior post Microsoft Shaping The Serious Games Movement Into A Multi-Billion Dollar Market, where I state that "by no means would Microsoft join either a current $ 150 million dollar market or a to-be $ 1 billion market only in 2011" (as projected by a few sources), BusinessWeek has published an article this week where David Boker, senior director of the Business Development Group at Microsoft's Aces Studio, one of Microsoft's game studios where ESP was developed, says Microsoft conservatively estimates this market at $9 billion.
Contextualizing the $ 9 Billion Market Size - Under MS Perspective
"Up until 2007, we haven't had time or energy to invest in that sort of thing," Boker says. "However, we knew the market was there. And it became clear how we could capitalize on that." The strategy—to explore new ways of finding a new revenue stream for an old …

Mapping The Serious Games Industry Within The UK

West Midlands The Most Active Region In Terms Of Serious GamesVia: Serious Games Institute Projects

The West Midlands (UK) region is fast becoming recognized as one of the key EU regions with regard to the development of "Serious Games".

Coventry University has taken the lead in two projects that are about:

a) showcasing the innovative credentials of the West Midlands "Serious Games Industry", called Diversify the Games Industry and
b) carrying out a mapping of the "Serious Games Industry" within the UK, and take a global snap shot to map where the UK fits into the worldwide perspective, called Serious Games Exposed.

Results so far have shown the West Midlands to be the most active in the UK in terms of Serious Games.

A variety of new Serious Games products are currently in development within the West Midlands region which will be available to purchase in the near future.

David Wortley, Director, SGI says the "Diversify the Games Industry" project is …

GDC08: Newly Expanded Summits Broaden Serious Games Coverage

Two Out Of Six Focused Summits At GDC08 Are Serious Games Related Via: Worlds In Motion - GDC 2008 Debuts Summit Speaker Details

Game Developers Conference, the major industry-only event dedicated to the advancement of interactive entertainment, has revealed session details for its newly-expanded lineup of single-track summits that take a closer look at the industry’s emerging trends.

GDC08 most appealing “new face” is a direct result of GDC being actively adapting their previously tutorial-oriented pre-conference schedule to feature pioneering developers in highly targeted summits.

By integrating each of these emerging micro communities into the curriculum, the GDC is well-positioned to remain the central hub of information and business for the entire game industry.

The summits will be happening over the first two days of the conference.

Information on the content for the Casual Games Summit, the Independent Games Summit, the Serious Games Summit and, new for 2008, the Game Outsourcin…