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Time To Kick-Off 2013 Serious Games Showcase & Challenge

Time to Kick-off the 2013 Serious Games Showcase & Challenge! (Please find also Serious Games Showcase & Challenge Announces 2012 Winners).
Start preparing your games today!

The annual competition will be collecting games at the end of September, be sure to join Serious Games Showcase & Challenge mailing list and social networks for continued updates throughout the year.

Email:Sgschallenge at gmail.comor visit the website at: for more information

The Serious Games Showcase & Challenge is open and accepting entries for the 2013 I/ITSEC.  Whether you’re an individual, small business or big business – the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge is open to you!  Submissions can be targeted to training in any segment, including education, corporate, or military.  If game development is your past-time (indie game developer), your intended field, or your current business you can create a game into a training solution to enhance training. It could p…

Serious Games To Experience The Backstage Of A Product Launch At L’Oréal

The deadline for completing the current Reveal by L’Oréal Serious Game - Cycle 5 is February 28, 2013- midnight (CET).
Performing well and finishing the game before the deadline gives players the chance to be spotted by L’Oréal recruiters and to be selected for one of the many job opportunities in the company (please find also Serious Games Supporting Career Paths & Choices).
Completing the game also makes you eligible to win an exclusive 5-day all-expense paid trip to Paris. (For more information about eligibility and selection criteria, read the Prizes & Rules sections on the website).
The International REVEAL Team will select 6 worldwide winners for Cycle 5: 1 winner of the Global Competition and 1 winner for each of the 5 Skills. The winners will be announced on the website later in 2013.
Reveal is an innovative, individual, online Serious Game by cosmetics major L’Oréal that will help you confirm your professional path or discover what your future could be within a global bu…

Upgraded Serious Games To Simulate Material Handling

Via: GriN Multimedia- Forklift Simulator v2.0
Following my prior post Serious Games For Material Handling, where GriN Multimedia reported their partnership with UCAN to build a Forklift sim where users could learn how to operate a forklift and take special notice to safety, the company has recently released its version 2.0.
The new version’s motto “Power to the People” derives from Forklift Simulator v2.0  value proposition which gives control back to the instructor -- both for the environments and lessons creation. 
GriN Multimedia wanted to create a Serious Game where the instructor could actually change the environment himself depending on the needs of the location where the trainee works or the specific need for a specific lesson. 
The background presumption is that forklift training instructors do know better the challenges of the forklifts work environment. By giving them a library of 3D props and the tools to place them in a sandbox environment, they can recreate specific areas and…

UK Kodu Kup: Serious Gaming To Produce A Serious Game

Kodu is a graphical programming tool that allows anyone to make games
Via: Microsoft UK Teachers Blog - Kodu Kup UK 2013–Competition Now Open
The inaugural Kodu Kup competition was launched in the UK at the BETT (British Educational Training and Technology) Show 2013, on Jan 31. The competition shall support teachers and schools in developing a curriculum in computer science.
Kodu Game Lab is a visual programming language, by Microsoft's FUSE Labs, made specifically for creating games - it is designed to be accessible for children and enjoyable for anyone. It means you never have to see or type any explicit coding syntax. (Please find also Serious Games & Microsoft Futures)

Kodu lets kids create games on the PC and Xbox and can be used to teach creativity, problem solving, storytelling, as well as programming. Anyone can use Kodu to make a game, young children as well as adults with no design or programming skills.
Kodu is unique in several key ways:
The core of the Kodu project is …

Reposted: Serious Games Promoting Tacit Knowledge Sharing

Lucia Panese,imaginaryCEO, will present MIRROR – Reflective Learning At Work Serious Games at the Learntec Conference  next week.

The game is an integral part of the MIRROR Project,4-year FP7 research project that aims to engage employees to reflect on their past work performances and personal learning experiences to promote tacit knowledge sharing through collaboration and reflection techniques.

MIRROR focuses on development of an easy-to-use set of applications. Now in its third year, the project released the Reflective Learning at Work – MIRROR Model, Apps and Serious Games Report in November 2012 conveying its findings and testbeds on how MIRROR Apps and Serious Games can facilitate reflection at work.
Reflection At Work From A Scientific Perspective
Reflection can be seen as a return to experience through which the experience is re-evaluated in order to promote continuous learning. Reflecting includes addressing emotional aspects, e.g. when a situation at work has made an employee ang…

The Serious Game-Like DMU Conference

Via: David Wortley’s Facebook - Play with a Purpose: DMU Changes the Game
De Montfort University (DMU), based in Leicester, in the heart of England, is revolutionizing the traditional conference venue and context through a series of Serious Game-Like challenges.
Organizers have realized the opportunity of transforming the traditional “show format” into a playful one: a collective interactive experience, which is the essence of "Serious Games" proposition (please find also my prior post For A Serious Game-Like GDC).
As most of game developers in the segment advocate Serious Games large scale adoption for experiential learning, DMU seems to be leveraging on the conference great visibility to “Walk The Talk”.
The DMU Games Festival to be held from 25th – 28th February, will run as a sort of Multiplayer Serious Game Platform calling on players to register via Facebook or Twitter and complete a series of tasks that need to be accomplished in the real world.  Players are rewarded for …

Serious Games Awards Entries Due May 1

International Serious Play Awards Entry Submission
Entries for the International Serious Play Awards (please find also 3rd Annual Serious Play Conference Inviting Serious Games Experts), sponsored by the Serious Games Association, are due May 1, 2013.
The recognition program honors outstanding examples of single player titles that deliver a high quality of engagement and measurable training or learning opportunities.
Any Serious Game or simulation launched after August 1, 2012 using commercial off the shelf (COTS) platforms is eligible to enter. Games still in beta may also be submitted, as long as a path for judging can be given to judges. Universities may also submit student projects.
Titles may be entered into the following categories:
Education Government/Military Healthcare/Medical Business Games for Good
In addition to being eligible for game awards, titles entered are eligible for Serious Play Certification, a qualification offering customer assurance that a game offers a high standard …

Serious Games Reach Hospitals’ Emergency Room

On Call is a Serious Game that allows medical and nursing students to simulate patient assessment in Emergency Department (please find also Crossing the Chasm With Serious Games For Medical Education).

Developed by the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Becker College, and the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute, On Call was voted Best in Show at the Serious Games and Virtual Environments Showcase at the 13th Annual International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH), held January 26–30, 2013 at The Peabody Orlando Hotel in Orlando, FL.
The multiplayer Serious Game simulates an Emergency Department and is designed to sharpen quick-thinking skills for emergency medical personnel. On Call allows students to use social network-style game mechanics to play different medical team roles in a fast-paced setting. Students have the opportunity to assess, evaluate, and treat patients while balancing factors such as time, efficiency, and resources.
In a statement, MassDiGI executive…

Reposted: Serious Games Enlisting Collective Intelligence To Solve Scientific Problems

Via: The ScientistGames for Science by Dan Cossins
The Scientists Magazine published earlier this month a must-read and extensive article addressing how scientists are using Serious Games to tap the collective intelligence of people around the world, while doctors and educators are turning to games to treat and teach. (Please find also Serious Games Uncover Principles For Designing RNA Molecules and Solving Real-World Problems w/Games).
The first section of the article is entirely dedicated to Playing Science, while the second one addresses Learning Science with Games and thelast section covers a number of Health Games.

Read the full article 

Here are the highlights for the first section, that emphasizesThe Power of Competitive, Multiplayer Online Serious Games. By encouraging people to engage with complex research problems in a fun and intuitive way, such Serious Games can inspire a new type of citizen scientist —one who may find novel solutions that the professionals have missed. 


Reposted: Center For Game Science Latest Serious Game

Via: Center for Game Science

The Center for Game Science (CGS) focuses on solving hard problems facing humanity today in a game based environment (Please find also Solving Real-World Problems w/Games).
Makers of free online Serious Games for Learning and Expert Performance that include fraction Games such as Refraction and Creature Capture, the Center for Game Science also offers its STEM Serious Games for scientific discovery and discovery of optimal learning pathways; for cognitive skill training and creativity; and for exploration of collective over individual intelligence.
Their latest Serious Game is Treefrog Treasure, a platformer game that allows players to explore different worlds as a frog and learn fractions and numberline concepts. When certain obstacles are reached, a player must properly identify a target symbol, whole number, or fraction on a numberline to collect gems and complete the level.  Hints are provided to help the player reach the correct answer when mistakes are…