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Serious Games Futuring Medical Training In France

Via: Serious-Game. fr - Pulse, The Flight Simulator For Medical Training, Finds a Partner In France
Building on the partnership with BreakAway Ltd., Interaction Healthcare extends its offer to adapt Pulse!! for medical training needs in France, resulting in a series of public projects.
Object of my previous posts G4H 2006: Pulse!! First Person Health Care Simulation, Pulse!! News: Serious Games Field Testing Begins, Pulse!! Update: Serious Games Improving Medical Learning Environment, and BreakAway Serious Games On Display On Capitol Hill, Pulse!! accounts for the largest investment in "Serious Games" history to the value of $ 14.7 million.

Pulse!! is a serious game for learning complex medical practices and technical knowledge : diagnosis of all types of illnesses, ER services and complex surgical procedures.
Through immersion in a virtual environment which simulates complex situations such as medical history, physiological responses to drug treatments, etc., Pulse! validates …

Serious Games Showcase & Challenge Finalists

Via: Serious Games Showcase & Challenge 2009 Contest
Following my prior postingSerious Games Showcase & Challenge 2009 - Call For Entries, here are the 12 finalists selected by a panel of Serious Games leaders in the military, industry, and academic fields.
The Fourth Annual I/ITSEC will be held on November 30 - December 3, 2009, Orlando, Florida, USA and the Awards presentation will take place on December 03 at SGS&C Pavilion Booth 331 in three categories: Best Business Game, Best Student Game and Best Government Game.
Business Finalists
Conspiracy Code - 360Ed, Inc. 3D adventure game that teaches a full course of High School American history
The game is the first in a series of online game courses created by FLVS and 360Ed Inc., an educational game development company. The first Conspiracy Code course is worth a full credit of history and is equal to the state of Florida’s education standards. In this first course, students adopt the roles of fictional characters and must bu…

Serious Games To Be Showcased at COP15

Via: Love Letters to the Future - Website 
Heads up on a new ARG on climate change...only up for 3 weeks until the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change!
Emmy® Award winning production company Xenophile Media in Toronto has recently produced "Love Letters to the Future", a new media project and Alternate Reality Game (ARG) designed to raise awareness about climate change.
The objective of the site is to collect a critical mass of love letters - messages about people's fears and hopes for the future, the stories they want to send to their children's children - to be showcased during the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this December, and locked in a time capsule to be situated in Copenhagen for 100 years.
In an interesting twist, a message from the year 2109 has been received on the site, however it appears it is encrypted and needs to be unlocked.

It seems possible that the Love Letters, to be sent in the Time Capsule on Dec 13, 2009…

Serious Games For Hybrid Cities

Via: The Mobile CityThe Mobile City Project and Urban Gaming
Michiel de Lange highlights in his Blog the second issue of the RMIT University journal Second Nature, which is about “Games, Locative and Mobile Media”.
In the article, de Lange discerns five possible ‘levels’ to understand urban games: (1) the city is often used as a model to construct an architecture of computer and video games; (2) the city itself has historically been understood in multiple ways as a game or playground; (3) pervasive games take digital games out to the streets and bridge the digital-physical distinction; (4) (serious) games are used in the process of (re)building actual cities; (5) urban games are a metaphorical lens through which to look at utopian and dystopian futures of cities.
Article Excerpts
The Mobile City Project: Conceptualizing Cities As Physical/Digital Hybrids

De Lange states that is no longer possible to talk about the city as being only physical or local.
The geographical city, with its phy…

Educational Technology Conference in Florida

The Educational Technology Conference in FloridaJanuary 12-15, 2010Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FloridaPRESS RELEASE
Chatsworth, Calif. – More than 400 of the nation’s top technology companies, dozens of global experts on educational technology, thousands of educators and a well-known actor and environmentalist will converge on Orlando, Fla., in January when FETC 2010 convenes for its 30th anniversary conference.
Teachers, administrators, technology enthusiasts, bloggers and Web 2.0 experts have begun planning and registering to attend FETC 2010, one of the nation’s oldest and largest conferences devoted entirely to educational technology. The conference, which will be held at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center January 12-15, provides K-12 educators and administrators an opportunity to explore different technologies across the board, while increasing their familiarity with the latest hardware, software and successful strategies promoting student technology use.
The c…

Serious Games Empowering Energy Efficient Citizens

Via: OuterArc – Serious Games to Make Energy Use More Visible in Your Building
OuterArc wants to make the world a more energy efficient place to live.
The Effectiveness of Feedback On Energy Consumption
Their survey reveals that employees want to do their bit and are increasingly seeing saving money around the workplace as part of their responsibility. This could help most businesses to save up to 20% on energy bills.
The norm is for savings from direct feedback (direct from the meter or an associated display monitor) to range from 5%-15%.
OuterArc believes engaging employees and occupants is the best way for organizations to make an immediate impact on reducing energy and carbon emissions. OuterArc provides Serious Games to do this. By giving people easy to digest info and targets they make people think.
KyotoTV is their first low cost, high impact application, providing feedback on energy usage throughout corporate buildings.

OuterArc vision is to create a software platform which …

Serious Gaming With TV Online Communities

Via: Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog - How Online Communities Are Changing the Way We Watch Television
Matt Rhodes from FreshNetworks Blog has posted a series of examples of online communities in the TV industry, looking at the way ‘old’ and ‘new’ media combine and how television broadcasters and production companies are working with online media.

The examples he chose were all of ways in which online communities can be used to provide an additional set of experiences for a viewer, often after a programme has aired.

Matt Rhodes states that watching TV is almost always a social experience. We talk to the people in the room with us. We talk to our friends on the phone, by instant messenger or on Facebook. We talk to people with similar interests in forums and chat rooms and some TV programs make us want to do this more than others.

Matt reminds us that the TV industry has a relatively long history of online communities – both fan sites and sites sponsored by the brand itself. Wha…

GKs: Adapting A Social Media Game To Youth Education Context

Via: Global Kids Digital Media Initiative - Transmedia Challenge Game Show for New Media Education
Rik Panganiban, Assistant Director of the Online Leadership Program at Global Kids, a NYC-based nonprofit that empowers young people with technology to be better students and global leaders, has just published a most interesting post Transmedia Challenge" Game Show for New Media Education.
In this post, Rik explores the possibility of adapting the World Series of Tubing game framework to a youth education program in ways that would be fun and engaging.

The World Series of Tubing: YouTube War is an augmented reality game that is played in front of a live audience and pits two contestants in a competition to see who can present the most popular YouTube viral video

The judgment of the audience is based on pure emotional hooks, which one entertains more.

But Rik thinks there are ways to adapt this social media game framework to a youth education program in ways that would be fun and engorgin…

Serious Games Online Jam Is Now Open

Profit Seed game creates socially-responsible interactions
Via: Serious Games Jam (BETA)

Forum is now open!
The Serious Games Jam has opened on Sunday 22nd of November at midnight (GMT time) and will close on Friday the 27th.
Register to participate, join the discussions, and you could win the new 8GB iPod Nano!!!!
Topic - How can we use games for socially responsible purposes?
The "Serious Games Online Jam" provides an online collaborative space for those interested in Serious Games to discuss, debate and vote on four different Serious Games topics per year. These include Government, Energy, Health, and Finance. Participants have the opportunity to post discussions, learn about the current movements and growth areas, and make connections with other participants. After the Jam session closes, all participants will receive a summarized analysis of the discussions. The Serious Game Online Jam runs every quarter and the site remains active in between times, giving participants the op…

Mobile Serious Games For Job Search

Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, Secretary of State in France and responsible for the development of the digital economy, presented Monday, October 26, 2009, the winners of the call for projectsProxima Mobile
Proxima Mobile is the first portal for innovative services - useful applications and services of general interest - free and accessible from mobile phones connected to the Internet.
As more and more people are accessing the web from their mobile phones (according to a Médiamétrie recent study, nearly 16% of French were equipped with a smart phone in the second quarter of 2009, against 11% three months earlier ), all projects selected for Proxima Mobile are intended to meet three main objectives:
1. Creating a portfolio of useful mobile services to all citizens
2. Allowing a less connected audience (elderly or disabled persons) to benefit from wider applications and services relevant to the mobile Internet
3. Promoting mobile Internet services as a strategic issue for al…

Serious Games Meet Mobile Marketing With Barcodes

Following my prior post Serious Games Combining MR And Mobile Tagging, I’ve decided to further explore how mobile tagging and barcodes are to change the future of marketing - and ads to become Serious Games-like.
Mobile marketing is an emerging practice that consumer goods companies can tap to provide a dynamic experience for their customers. With IDC predicting that converged mobile devices or smart phones will grow 8.9 percent worldwide in 2009, consumers are eager to do more than just make a call with their mobile phones.
Gaming, mapping and location, entertainment, news, and social networking applications have taken off, according to IDC, and this is creating a wave of opportunity for new innovations that enable consumers to instantly track, find, know and connect with their mobile phones.
Marketers considering tagging tactics quickly discover a large and muddled technology and provider landscape. Traditional advertising is instantly transformed into a multi-media experience when a…