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Serious Games Optimizing Patients Flow

Via: Flexsim - Healthcare Simulation Suite

Following my prior posting Serious Games For Visualizing Any Business Process, which covers PC-based simulation software application used to model, simulate, and visualize any business process you manage, Flexsim has made available another commercial software application specifically designed for patient flow simulation.

Flexsim software has found wide application in manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain analysis, as well as in traditional business applications related to marketing, management, finance, and academic areas. It is from this vast experience that Flexsim Healthcare TM was born.

Medical facilities are among the most complex in the world. Numerous factors contribute to overall efficiency and workflow, including: patient flow, staff utilization and resource management.

Flexsim has teamed up with healthcare professionals to create a tool for modeling the complexities and nuances of healthcare management without the need for progr…

The Case For Serious Games In Heavy Industries

Via: Coole Immersive

Since my prior posting Serious Games To Boost Safety On Oil Rigs, Coole Immersive has been broadening Industrial Games portfolio. Industrial Games

Heavy industries like Oil & Gas, Mining and Construction share some unique characteristics and challenges. Driven by regulatory requirements and the need to optimize productivity in a competitive marketplace, employers are increasingly striving to implement competency-based training programs to address these challenges.

According to Cool Immersive business environment "reading", the major drivers for Industrial Games adoption in this sector are as follow:There are enormous costs associated with the unnecessary repair and replacement of Service Rig equipment due to a lack of regular, proper maintenance. Developed to complement Coole Immersive’s Service Rig Training program, Service Rig Field Maintenance can help you minimize these costs.

After first providing a foundational understanding of the many systems fo…

Social Games: A Serious Business Opportunity

The Top 25 Facebook Games for September 2009
Via: Inside Social Games -Interesting new companies will be created as the worlds of gaming and social networks collide.

Inside Social Games is the first blog dedicated to tracking the convergence of games and social platforms.

Inside Social Games was started byJustin Smithin April 2008 and is based in Palo Alto, California. Lead game reviewer Christopher Mack has been writing since late 2008.
They’re looking forward to tracking not only the games but also the people and companies behind them that are leading the change into this new and exciting space.

As stated by John Earner, VP Product Management at Playfishwhich has earned its reputation as one of the leading developers of social games for Facebook, MySpace, and the iPhone, “the ultimate goal is to change the way people play games”.
“Social games are all about the emotions and interactions friends share together”, he adds. “The most important thing for us when designing a game is allowing…