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iPhone SDK: Potential For Serious Games Large Scale Distribution

Serious Games Challenging Us To Play In The Mobile SpaceFollowing my prior posts iPhone: A New Vehicle for Serious Games and Is Serious Gaming In Apple´s Future - 700 Diggs!, dated early 2007, Apple's last week announcement of iPhone SDK roll-out coupled with the first "above average cellphone games" to go along with it, broadens the perspective of iPhone as a Serious Game platform.

SEGA's First iPhone SDK Title - Super Monkey Ball . "This is not a cellphone game. This is a full console game."

iPhone As A Potentially Huge Distribution Market

Apple has announced that there have already been 100,000 downloads of the iPhone software developer kit (SDK) in the four days since release.

The SDK’s arrival has sparked huge interest globally from third-party developers, including Team 17 and Microsoft's Silverlight team, with many viewing the iPhone (and the iPod touch) as a potentially huge distribution market for their wares.

“Developer reaction to the iPhone SDK…