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GDC08: Serious Games Leveraging On 25-Year Beta

Microsoft ESP: Taking FLIGHT SIMULATOR From Game To Serious GameDebriefing Serious Games Summit SessionSpeaker(s): Shawn Firminger (ACES Studio - Microsoft Game Studios)

Microsoft's presence at this year's Serious Games Summit was felt in the form of its recently unveiled Microsoft ESP: a platform for the creation of visual simulations (find also is this Blog Microsoft Shaping The Serious Games Movement Into A Multi-Billion Dollar Market , $9 Bi: Microsoft's Conservative Estimate For The Serious Games Market , Serious Games Market Enroll Major Players and Microsoft ESP Leveling The Serious Games Market Playing Field).

Released to the marketplace on January 2nd of this year, ESP grew out of an existing game franchise: Flight Simulator. Shawn Firminger, studio manager of ACES Studio, responsible for all of Microsoft's simulation products, revealed to the early-morning audience some of ESP's journey.

Twenty-Five Year Beta

No product at Microsoft had been in continuous dev…